Reiki is pronounced “ray-key”, and the original Japanese characters represent Rei (universal life) Ki (energy).  Together they mean “breath of spirit”. This energy exists in all matter and is referred to as universal energy.  “Ki” is similar in thought to “chi” or“qi” in Chinese medicine.  There are also similarities in relation to Hindu “prana” and Christian “light”.

Reiki is a hands on energy technique where the  energy moves through the practitioners hands to your clothed body and activates  your body’s own natural ability to heal.  Reiki is restorative beyond what we may understand, for Reiki comes from an ancient healing tradition.

Experience Reiki

The best way to know Reiki works is to experience it.  Regardless of your first impression, Reiki always acts upon the recipient’s highest good, even when its effects are not immediately felt.  For some people the healing shifts occur over time, while for others the changes are “immediate” and lasting.

Natural Pathways offers Reiki sessions by appointment.  A session lasts 60-90 minutes and costs $80.00.

Services offered

Individual Session – Reiki Trainings – Crystal Bowl Meditations – Gift Certificates –   Labor & Delivery –  Hospital Visits – Home Energy Clearing – Distant Treatments –         Pet Reiki – Children  Sessions –  Couples Reiki –

Use our Contact page to submit questions or schedule appointments

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