Crystal Bowl Meditations

Experience the sounds of the Crystal Bowls!

Crystal bowl sound is a form of vibrational medicine, which is based on the idea that an illness can be characterized by the blockages in the energy centers(the chakras).

Each crystal bowl is made up of 99.8% silicon quartz. Our body has a natural affinity to quartz because our bones, blood, DNA and brain are crystalline in structure.

The crystal bowl sound emits a pure holographic template of radiant light that corresponds to the octave of sound within our etheric body. Crystal acts as an oscillator, magnifying and transmitting pure tone. Like a powerful radio transmitter, the crystal bowls transmit energy into the atmosphere, filling a persons aura/home with vibrational radiance (resonance).

Quartz crystal sound holds the vibration of white light which tunes our chakras’ physical centers when played. The sound vibration has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness. As our awareness expands, our veil becomes transparent as we remember our soul’s purpose. We begin to reflect our highest radiance in our physical form (enlightenment).

The frequency at which a person most naturally vibrates is resonance. A body is in a healthy state both emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically when each cell, organ, and thought creates a resonance that is in harmony with one’s being, creating a state of pure “Bliss”.

The purpose of these gatherings are to create a safe and peaceful place to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. A typical gathering includes choosing Angel and/or Affirmation cards, possibly setting a group intention, and allowing the harmonic sounds of the singing bowls to bathe one’s soul and the creation of a like-minded Community support system…we would love for you to join us!

Please RSVP here or text 309-706-2079 as space is limited.
Please indicate if a chair is needed, otherwise bring a yoga mat or towel, pillow or blanket to make yourself comfortable. $20

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