Takata Archives

Takata Archives & Exploration of Phyllis Furumoto’s Legacy

Friday and Saturday, May 20-21, 2022

Joyce Winough was one of the logistical persons involved in the sorting and scanning all Mrs. Takata’s archives in preparation for them being donated in 2017 to the University of Santa Barbara in California. In time Phyllis’ archives will be preserved there as well as the archives of any Takata master. 

In 2017 Joyce, Phyllis’ spouse, put together a slide presentation of the archival materials to take to a family reunion.  Takata’s relatives were excited and enthused by the show. Soon the idea was born. In true Phyllis spontaneity and brilliance, Phyllis suggested Joyce create a power point for a day presentation to Reiki communities. While they were in Kyoto at the end of 2017, Joyce flew to Vladivostok, Russia for the first presentation to 30 Reiki students and masters.  

Her historically rich presentation includes 125 slides and the stories attached to the pictures. There are voice recordings of Takata Sensei that have been re mastered from cassette to CD to MP3 of her speaking on the original tapes made by Hellen Haberley. On one, she speaks of our need to be aware of dramatic things that can happen physically to a person when receiving a treatment.

Joyce combines the Takata Archives with a second day of sharings about the Aspects and the Elements. She perceives this to be an opportunity for students of Reiki including masters of any lineage to understand and comprehend the connection between Furumoto and Takata’s work.  Phyllis has defined the four Aspects and nine Elements to clarify what her Grandmother translated from Hayashi teachings which was the facilitating of Reiki into language that North American’s could comprehend. 

Joyce acts as a resourse to an interactive approach that holds the Aspects and Elements and encourages participants to hold them, go deeper in their own practice and holds space for those attending to share their own experiences. It is a time of understanding the energetics of the elements and assists one in having a clear picture  of commitment and responsibility. 

Schedule of Events

Takata Archives – $150, Friday, 5/20 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Saturday, 5/21 9:00am – 5:00pm — Join us in a two-day examination into the lives of two Reiki Grand Masters. As we journey into the life of Hawayo Takata, as seen from her Archives, and discuss the legacy and teachings of her successor, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, we will learn how the practice of Reiki has been informed by these extraordinary women, The weekend will include stories, the sharing of Reiki with a focus on the treatment of others, and time for discussion and questions.

Second Degree Immersion – $125, Sunday 5/22 9:00am – 5:00pm. Explore doing Reiki using the symbols. We will be sharing hands on Mental/Emotional treatments and diving into the energy of the distant symbol and practice. Event limited to Second Degree Reiki practitioners.

Keep checking here for additional updates. Please use our Contact Page, for more information, or to reserve a space.

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